This year we will be starting with Geography and then transition into History during the second half of the year.  

Below is a brief outline of what each subject will cover.

Mr. Leung

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Electronic versions of the exemplar has been added...

I have uploaded an electronic copy of the first task for each grade.

Grade 7 - Physical Geography


Topics of studies are:

  • The Themes of Geographic Inquiry
  •  Patterns in Physical Geography
  •  Natural Resources

Grade 7 Movement Exemplar 

Movementexemplar.doc Movementexemplar.doc
Size : 25.5 Kb
Type : doc
LoyalistsinBNA.doc LoyalistsinBNA.doc
Size : 28 Kb
Type : doc

Grade 8 - Human Geography 


Topics of studies are: 

  • Patterns in Human Geography
  •  Economic Systems
  •  Migration 

Grade 8 Site and situation Exemplar 

Site and Situation.doc Site and Situation.doc
Size : 28.5 Kb
Type : doc
redriverresistance.docx redriverresistance.docx
Size : 12.188 Kb
Type : docx

Grade 8 History 


 The topics of studies for Grade 8 are:

  •  Confederation
  •  The Development of Western Canada
  •  Canada: A Changing Society

Grade 7 History  


The topics of studies for Grade 7 are: 

  • New France
  • British North America
  • Conflict and Change 

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