Welcome to "The Intermediate Science Lab" 

(a.k.a. Room 15)

I am so excited to be “back in the lab” again, and hope you are too. Science is happening all around us – I am ready to help you explore the curiosities of the world, and develop your scientific skills from questioning to communicating. Most of all, I am excited to begin a hands-on, questions-based year of Science. 

Grade 8 Units:

Sept - Nov - Water Systems  (Earth and Space Systems)

Nov - Jan - Fluids (Matter and Energy)

Feb - Apr - Cells (Life Systems)

Apr - Jun - Systems in Action (Structures and Mechanisms)

Grade 7 Units:

Sept - Nov - Interactions in the Environment (Life Systems)

Nov - Jan - Pure Substances and Mixtures (Matter and Energy)

Feb - Apr - Heat in the Environment (Earth and Space Systems)

Apr - June - Form and Function (Structures and Mechanisms)

Lab Evaluation - used to evaluate all formal lab reports

Lab Write-Up Evaluation.doc Lab Write-Up Evaluation.doc
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Grade 7 Files

Virtual Labs: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/buildingbig/lab/ 

There are 4 different "labs" - Forces, Loads, Materials and Shape

Explore each of the 4 activities, and take notes on the information that you learn about. Be prepared to share what you have learned with the group.

 Grade 8 Files

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